Monday, December 19, 2011

Soon to be - 4's a family

Pretty soon.....we will look something like this:

That's our friends baby....but we are soon to have a little baby of our own in our hands.  BUT.....and yes, that's a capital letter BUT (should I just have said, a "big but" instead?).  Nothing is guaranteed.  We the the kind of people who see life as a miracle.  And so every day, we pray for a healthy little baby.  We also pray that if our baby has health issues or does not make it past the womb, that God would give us deep grace to mourn and celebrate the last 8 months of carrying such a precious life.  So we ask you, blog readers, to pray with us, in these final week(s) for an uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby.

These are good days, friends.

Luv ya'll  

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