Tuesday, January 3, 2012

11 Things I thought I'd never say in 2011....but I'm so glad I did.

"I'm about to finish writing a book"
I've always said that if I were ever to write a book it would be short and have a lot of spelling errors.  I think now I've done that.  It's close folks.  Close.  It's a student ministry book (yes, you can fall asleep now) about how to run effective inductive bible studies for teens.

"I'm having a son!"
I relate everything in my life to candy.  Here's an analogy:  sons are Sour Patch Kids, daughters are Dots.  Both are my favorite types of candy.  I would be just as happy with two packages of Sour Patch Kids (after all, they are my favorite) as I would with 1 package of sour patch kids and 1 package of Dots (after all, it's my favorite candy too).  So...to find out I had one of each.... ecstatic!
"My students are more effective leaders than me"
Wonderful news!  I am not indispensable.  We have a student led student ministry.  I work a lot with our leaders and our parents....but our students teach/preach/lead bible study/lead worship/mentor/volunteer/ and serve.  I serve amazing students.  
"My wife is a better athlete than me" 
She was exercising up to the week of Josiah's birth.  I would sometimes catch her walking up the stairs carrying Josiah in her belly, Elizabeth in one hand...and groceries in another.  (What was I doing, you ask?  eating a donut, and staring).
"I think I'll loose 30 pounds" 
I wasn't really fat before....as I've always been an athlete and able "ta go get er in za mountains" (german accent).  But I really wanted to be at my climbing/cycling weight before I really started training for triathlon.  So, 30 pounds had to go.  And in 3-4 months....gone!

"I think we should buy and renovate a 90 year old house" 
I've already told this story....so take a look here.  Story short form:  bought a dilapidated historic home and renovated it in 3 weeks working straight 16+ hours days with loads of help.  We LOVE this place and it feels like such a gift to have had the opportunity to restore it.

"I'm going to prioritize triathlon training over rock climbing" 
This never happens.  Never.  Nothing.  Nothing goes before rock climbing.  Yes....we love camping/ice climbing/mountaineering/alpine everything/ hiking/ snowshoeing/ etc.  But triathlon, and especially Ironman Triathlon has been a dream since I was a kid...and now, it feels like the right time to pursue it.  More on that story, here.  

"I'm going to prioritize time spent with my family over time spent with my students" 
I've always believed this....but never did anything about it.  But this past semester, I matured.  The Lord convicted...and that was that.  Now, I am only away two nights a week (as opposed to 4-5).  I'm the dad who puts my daughter to sleep with epic bed-time stories.  Many thanks to our church for giving us this opportunity to prioritize and raise our young family.  

"I'm about to finish producing a music CD of kids songs" 
It always sounded like fun....and I'm making progress.  2012 it'll be done, folks!  BTW....heidi is working on a kids book for 2012.  Stay tuned....

"We need to start doing a date night" 
For 7 or more years, we did that...every week.  This past year....has SUCKED.  We didn't make it a priority.  But we realized this in 2011...and 2012 will be different.  Babysitter, late Monday nights, anyone?

"I'm going to start to preach less and mentor more" 
I've been called to preach for a long time....and have preached regularly since I was 16 (that was a long time ago).  And more than any other thing I do....I still believe the proclamation of the Word of God changes the world.  But, I think my job in 2012 is to decentralize preaching around me....and equip others to preach effectively.  After all, they'll probably end up doing it better than me....and who wouldn't want that kind of leadership in their ministry!

OK friends...that was my attempt at a 2011 reflection.  Now you try!

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