Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cycling when it's pouring rain

We're not in California.
The land of everyday sunshine.
Here.....It rains, daily.
So...if you're a cyclist you've gotta figure something out.
Either cycle in the rain = SUCKS (yes, I'm a wussy child) or don't cycle during the winter

alas...there is another option!  
In the last 4 months, I've found that using an indoor trainer has given me a great workout, a few times per week.  So I strap on the heart rate monitor put "my friend" in the DVD player and give-er

Heidi's also been getting in the action
...and really liking it.
She's now within 5 pounds of her starting weight before getting pregnant and excited about getting back into running shape, especially.  

We've learned that fitness is the mark of consistency, nothing more.  There really aren't short cuts (Dangit!).  So we've been trying to be consistent post Josiah (who is now 1 month old!)...but, this hasn't always worked.  SO....while fitness is the mark of consistency... consistency = a highly scheduled life + teamwork + permission to miss a workout.

These are good days...

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