Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Family Snowshoeing @ Mount Seymour

What is a tradition?
It's simple, really.  A tradition is "something that is handed down"
...and traditions come in all shapes and sizes
....and, shall we say, sweat levels.
Our tradition, in the white clan (ahem...our last name is White) 
is family snowshoeing

We want our kids to understand all the great lessons of being out in the woods together, on adventures, playing in mysterious places, smelling trees, tasting snow, sweating for summits, and learning to delight in a good creation.

So, with Joe's family visiting....we headed to the hills in a borrowed van so we all could travel together!  Thanks Jungs!

Ready girls?...

Josiah (now 6 weeks) was quiet the entire time.  Warm and cozy...he just slept.  One day....he'll learn to contribute by carrying my pack.  

yes...I cut Elizabeth out of the picture.  
I'm sure she'll remind me of that...at some point, when she's older. 

These are good days...
Don't miss 'em, friends.

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