Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am about to feed you....

as I wipe the cobwebs off the blogy blog. 24 pictures.  That good enough?

My brother told me recently, "you've changed.  You haven't updated your blog in weeks" (April 18th was my last post).  But we have been active...really active.  

Lot's of stuff going on in the White house.  So here's a sample:

We are skiing as a family (kids are not quite there yet. E will be, next season though!)  ! Ski passes make the White family...happy.

Heidi needs TREATS.....so she goes crazy and bakes em.
I love this woman.

Elizabeth has a daily fascination with this outfit. 

Josiah is getting bigger

...and cuter.

Daddy is still training....and loving it. Most of my triathlon training is done when the kids are asleep, but this day...we all went for a family run. 

Heidi is getting in on the action, too.  She hates suffering....and this bike is bringing the pain...but she's getting stronger and that is encouraging. 

stunning...aren't I?

4 months....today! 

almost 2.5 years old! 

still climbing in Squamish.

this was a memorable day: hard climbs, good conversation, and a celebration beer.  Good times! 

Elizabeth's first hair cut.  Bangs! 

This year, we made edible gifts for our neighbours for Easter.

and Easter morning was all about the Jesus candle and home made cinnamon buns

We've been trying to deemphasize Christmas in our family and make a bigger deal of Easter.  So out came the presents.  This year, Elizabeth got fun clothes and fun crafty stuff!

Easter is all about the resurrection....and there are no better people to celebrate that with than some very inspiring long-time (I could have said old) followers of Jesus.

We are also a family that is partial to the aquarium.  So much adventure and raw wonder!  So, we bought passes this past year...and go fairly routinely.  The kids love it....and we enjoy seeing their minds blown    

and really....for the last four months....it's been all about adjusting with this dude (below).
What have we learned about him?
He's WAY more chill than Elizabeth 
....but not as good of a sleeper.
He's not a complainer and isn't easily bothered.

And how are we doing?
We are totally satisfied and totally tired. 
Little Kids.Our Church. Our pace....are all in a season called, tiring. 
that said...we are DEEPLY satisfied in all these areas

What are we doing these days that gives us joy?
we are prioritizing a weekly date night
we are exercising daily (Joe - 12 hrs weekly, Heidi - 6 hours weekly) 
we are practicing the disciplines of silence and solitude for half the day on Tuesdays. 
Heidi is journaling again.
and parenting gives us joy...a lot of it.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, friends!  
Will update again, in 2 days. 

These are good days,

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