Monday, May 21, 2012

North Shore Triathlon 2012 - Race Report

We had a really fun day at the North Shore Triathlon 2012!  We hope you enjoy this short race report for all you google searchers trying to find information on next years event and faithful blog readers who are interested in this type of stuff.    

Elizabeth loves seeing me swim....and she loves swimming too!  Future triathlete?

This was a Sprint Triathlon: Swim 740m, Bike 17.6km, Run 5km).  In some ways, this distance triathlon feels like a harder race than the longer ones because you're hammering the entire time.  So ready-set-get your heart rates HIGH and give'er!

The swim happens in heats (depending on estimated swim time).  You are in one wide lane and someone is counting your laps for you. I found myself passing people on the left-right-and center.  It felt a bit like chaos....but to be honest....that adds to the spice of it, I think.

The cycling route was a 4 loop out and back course.  It was uphill in one direction and rolling with some fast downhill sections on the return.  We had 20mm of rain forecast for today...and I all hit me on the bike course.  I was DRENCHED. 

One word for the run:  hilly.  NEVER flat. I suck most at this discipline, but rather enjoyed the shorter distance (5km) because it seemed to go by pretty quick.  There are some LONG sections where you don't see a soul, which for some would be hard to keep the energy up... but for me, I spend so much of my day...ever day....serving MANY was nice to fine some peace on the run.

wet and soggy...but full of smiles and cheers!  
I WOULDN'T do this stuff without ya'll!  Love you!

For all you number geeks out there....I know a race report wouldn't be complete without the answer to the question:  "So how'd you do?" 

Here it tis':
  • Swim: 13:04 - a 1:46/100m pace
  • Bike: 36:30 - 29km/h pace
  • Run: 23:53 - a 4:47/1km pace or a 7:42 mile

Final time: 1:13:27
  • 6th in my division
  • 73rd overall out of 320 triathletes (top 23%)

Thanks for your encouragement and support, friends.  It means a lot.

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