Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cycling Mount Seymour & Deep Cove

Went on a really nice ride today with my friend Jay.  Jay and I have been on many adventures together (rockclimbing & cycling)....and he is a pastor too!

We decided to cycle to Deep Cove and then cycle up Mount Seymour.

We generally followed this route (except that we included a loop around Stanley Park and the hill climb to Prospect Point) as opposed to going right through. 

The cycling to deep cove could be classified as rollers.  Short climbs and short descents make it a really nice ride to warm up the legs and stop in a really beautiful town next to a gorgeous inlet.  This is a highly recommended ride. 

Then it was time to get the business done...

The Mount Seymour climb is 1045 meters (3430 feet) in 12.5 kilometers (7.8 miles).  It is unrelenting with a constant grade of 8% and the first five kilometers amping up to between 9-10%

For the ride profile (click the photo below)

photo taken from here

We chatted the whole way, sweated under a 25 degree Celsius sun, and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL ride.  Saw a few deer on the way up (and one on the way down...that was not so fun.  Careful cyclists!)

At the summit we used the bathrooms, found some shade, and refilled our water bottles.

The descent was really fun.  
15 minutes at 70 kmh (43 mph)

After the ride (86 km and 5000 feet of climbing), some hamburgers and beer were a nice surprise from my good friend Jay!  Thanks brotha! 

...and dude, you gotta love it, right?  A mid ride espresso plus power bar.  Great combo! 

This was one of my favorite days on the bike...

These are good days, friends

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