Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Epic and Sickly but Siked and Ready...

This weekend, I leave for an epic ride with Ride2012.  Many of you readers of this blog have helped me surpass my goal to raise $1000 to support church communities on Vancouvers downtown east side.  Specifically, a church called The River.  Listen to their story:

The River in Vancouver - Ride 2012 from C&MA in Canada on Vimeo.

I want to seriously THANK YOU for supporting me.  I love the idea of supporting churches that are desiring to facilitate the growth of christian community in every neighbourhood of our city.  This is a church that inspires me.

I will be cycling about 800 kms (500 miles) with over 5200 meters (17,000 feet) of climbing over 4 mountain ranges in 6 days

My schedule will look like this:

Calgary to Canmore - 149km
Canmore to Radium - 161km
Invemere to Golden - 120km
Golden to Revelstoke - 148km
Revelstoke to Vernon - 155km
Vernon to Kelowna - 75km

Detailed maps of the routes, here:

Things that I am trying to remember while riding:
1.  Every tough hour in the saddle is easier than every tough day as a pastor/ church planter
2.  Choosing to suffer on the bike is different from really suffering 
3.  Talk to as many people I can about why I have chosen to ride

Thanks for all the love, readers!

p.s. Yes, I am still sick.  Got unpleasant bathroom experiences, headaches, and today I went on a short 1 hour ride and my body isn't quite feel right.  So, to the doctors I go....Pray for healing! 

Something I am learning is that endurance tests (like the one I am about to partake) is not simply about the level of fitness I have achieved in preparation, but its about what I bring on the day.  And my goal needs to be to achieve my best effort according to what I had on the day.  I need to feel proud of my effort.  That's going to me my mantra come Saturday...    

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