Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A very supportive wife

I have a really supportive wife
I know that.
And you, blog readers, have never ceased to remind me!

The other day....she said, "I'd like to ski would you be OK driving us there and then taking the kids so I can ski?."  My answer to this will NEVER be "No".  It can never be, no.  Why?

....all those climbing trips
....all those ski trips
....all those hiking trips
....all those man weekends

If this woman wants to ski....or do anything....I am going to say "go get em' tiger".

But, that's not where the story ends.  In typical Heidi fashion, she continued.  She said, "Ya know...if you'd like to ski the afternoon.....I'll call it quits mid-day and take the kids so you can ski.  Would you like that?"

Wait.  What?  She has the opportunity to ski an entire day.... sans kids.....hanging out with people.  And she wants me to ski too?

I love this woman. We agreed.

   wicked cold but full of joy

And back home...
I slept
satisfied with a half day of skiing and a half day of intentional kid time

These are good days...
and Heidi makes them even better

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