Monday, April 1, 2013

Our fitness is coming....

It's all about Ironman training right now.  A thousand of you blog readers are gonna probably hit the snooze button on this post but a few of you enjoy the Ironman training this is for you.

Training in one word: discipline
Training in two words: time consuming
Training in three words: Are we screwed?
Training in four words: Only 10 weeks left?
Training in five words: We are scared but happy

A typical week of training right now is looking like this:
Sunday - Rest 
Monday - Swim 3500meters + Run 1 hour or go skiing
Tuesday - Bike 1.5 hours + Run 45 minutes
Wednesday - Bike 1.5 hours
Thursday - Swim 3500 meters + Run 1.15
Friday - Swim 3500 meters + Run 2 hours
Saturday - Bike 4 hours + Run 45 minutes

Recently we did a really nice ride with our buddy Jay which was around a 100km and 10,000 feet of climbing.  We felt pretty good.  Our fitness is coming.  

We are a funny pair.  Joe's 6'4 - 200lbs and Heidi is 5'3 and 108lbs.  From the back it looks like Joe's cycling with a kid! 

As much as we talk about the commitment and discipline and time it takes to train for an Ironman....we do have to say....we are having fun.  And lot's of it.  So far, this has been a great journey to see a long-standing dream come true.

These are good days!
Thanks for following our journey!

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