Monday, June 17, 2013

Ironman is this week....

In six days, our sweat may mix with our tears…and there is a possibility we may need extra Gatorade to replenish what was lost. At this point, after all this training, a year’s worth of six days a week swimming, biking, running – an average of 15 hours weekly – it seems like we sweat Gatorade. We sweat electrolytes and cry lemon lime.

It’s taken a lot for us to get here. And I suppose doing all of this training - balancing parenting of young kids, ministry, and friends in the mix of it all - makes us feel like Ironmen already.

But we do hope to cross the finish line, and hear those famous words,

“Joe and Heidi, you are an Ironman.”

In six days, we will swim 2.4mi/3.8km, cycle 112mi/180km, and run 26.2mi/42.2km, all in sequence in one continuous push…with 17 hours to finish before being disqualified.

Our hearts and minds tell us we can do it…I hope our bodies agree.

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