Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meet our family

Let me introduce you.

This is the White clan.
....wait, that wording has baggage.  

These are the Whites
....wait, that sounds weird, too.

This is the White house.
...yes, that sounds dignified.
We are the White House.

From the left - that's Elizabeth, then Heidi, then Josiah, then Joe, then Tina (Joe's mom), then Randy (Joe's dad), then Sarah (Joe's bro's wife), then Jameson (Joe's bro).

And this is us...
Father White - Mother White - and our two white kids (lol) 

Only one happy white in this picture.

....but there are two happy white boys.  
I am sure that one day Josiah will HATE this picture because I am touching his bum....publicly.

Jameson and Sarah are two of my favourite people.

And now you've met the White House!

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