Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocks....and Courage.

Walking towards a big dome of granite can be intimidating.  It looks so tall and steep.  You have thoughts like, "Can I really climb that?" and "Is this really worth it?"

Those are very human questions....and good questions to ask.

Sometimes people say to me...."You must not have much fear to climb such steep rocks"

The truth is....I always have fear.
When controlled, fear is a heathy emotion that keeps me alive.

Fearlessness is dangerous.  The feeling of invincibility is pride...and the bible teaches that "pride comes before a fall."  For climbers it is that pride that will keep you from checking and double checking your safety systems, from evaluating your partners, and will lead you into terrain you are unskilled to manage.

Healthy fear is actually motivated by a strong will to live.  Healthy fear leads to courage which is not characterized by a person who is not afraid, but a person who, despite being afraid, can make wise and brave decisions.

I've been reading biographies about courageous men of valour. Men such as George Washington, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Eric Liddell.  These men all had fear -- fear of what would come of their life's work...fear of the consequences of inaction....fear of the trajectory of their culture or their church.  But it was what they did despite being afraid that is inspiring to me:  They continually made brave decisions despite being afraid....

I know some men who could take a lesson in bravery.  I know men who are afraid to love God with all their heart because they know what "their mates" would think and I know men who are afraid to sacrifice in big ways for their family.

I believe that courageous men, in the face of their greatest fears, can make brave decisions that make a difference. 

I want to be a courageous man. 

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