Monday, July 1, 2013

The King's kin

There are a few things we LOVE to do together....

When I use the word love, I am thinking of the biblical term "storge", which is a unique word for love in Biblical greek.   It's often used to speak to the kind of love family members have for one between brothers and sisters. 

There are a few things Heidi and I do together which make us feel storge.  

One of those things is rock climbing. reminds us that we are brother and sister, in Christ.  The experience of shared effort; shared struggle; complete trust in the other person;  shared joy; shared failure; a short prayer at the base of every climb; a thankful blessing when our feet touch terra firma at the end of the day....these things, and more, remind us once again that underneath our marriage is a friendship....but underneath our friendship is the reality that we are first the kin of the King -- brother and sister in Christ. 

A few days ago we were reminded of this again:  

This is what we climbed:

And this is what the day ended with:

We are blessed

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