Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye Heard in the Mountains

They're gone.
Who are they?
They are Heard in the Mountains...a band I like.

We usually don't use this blog for book/movie/music reviews....that stuff is WAY to smart for us.  But...I must say, I am known to make exceptions.

Heard in the Mountains is a group of 5 fellas (two of them not pictured here) 4 of which have been students of mine for many years. I've poured my life into these guys and I'm proud of them.

But they're gone
....on tour!

If you like progressive rock/ indie rock/ indie pop kinda may like their tunes.  Heard in the Mountains has a strong sound and driven by a mature orchestration and poetic storytelling.  I like it.

This is our first music review....and I'm proud that I had more to say than, "it's good.  check it out".

.....but it is check it out.

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