Friday, October 25, 2013

Rock climbing children

If the choice were between spending a day shopping with blank check or rock climbing
....we'd probably go climbing.

If the choice were between going to an all-inclusive or going on a rock climbing road trip
....we'd probably go climbing

It's one of our passions!

We had a really nice day in the Squamish sun with some friends.  We brought our kids to the crag and had a nice time hanging out, climbing, enjoying conversation, and just being outside. 

Heidi is now 5 months pregnant....finally done with morning sickness and feeling a lot better.
The baby is healthy and we know if it's a boy or a girl.

Want to know?
....maybe I'll tell you.

Josiah (21 months) is now at the age where he wants to climb too. 

So our friends let us borrow their kid specific harness (yes, they sell those
...and we found a piece of rock just for him!

This was his first time in the vertical granite terrain.

He got right after fear, no trepidation, only giggles and smiles.

This kid doesn't have any quit in him....I was a really proud daddy.

making memories! 

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