Monday, June 9, 2014

Anniversary - It's only been 9 years!

We were in need of some 9 year marriage counselling...
so we found our marriage therapist.

Wind - Water - Sun - Rock - Climbing

We breathed in the fresh air, hiked through the woods, found some rock and climbed, and spent time just sitting...together.

9 years doesn't sound like a long time compared to the many couples we know that have been examples for us past 20 and 30 years of covenantal love through trial and triumph. 

Compared to them, we feel like babies - hungry.  Hungry for the qualities that make a great marriages, last. 

Here are 3 questions we asked each other today.  Maybe these are questions you could ask your spouse, too! 

1.  In what ways do you see me growing to become more like Jesus?
2.  Why do you think we have a great marriage? 
3.  What do you see me working on (even though it's really hard and I sometimes forget) in our marriage? 

Thanks for following our marriage through our blog. 
We appreciate your support!  

1 comment:

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