Friday, January 2, 2015

8 Days Left - Finding Joy among moving boxes

I mentioned yesterday that to wear joy you have to try on gratitude.

Moving is the ultimate test of your marriage and your priorities (do I hear an AMEN!?).  It quickly shows you how much you own and forces you to ask the question, "why do we think this possession is worth keeping in our life?"

Heidi and I love purging things….but I'll tell you we haven't been able to purge very much because most of what we own, we use!  How encouraging!

Maybe it was because for many years we lived by what we called our "10 rule" -- own no more than 10 of anything.  Or maybe it was because we save more than we spend and live on a budget.  Or maybe it was because we've never made enough to acquire excess. Or maybe it's because we've never lived in a place larger than 1100 square feet!

So today we are thankful for what we own -- all gifts, all blessing, all more than we deserve.  Nothing in excess -- all signs of of daily bread.  Thanks, Lord.

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