Sunday, February 1, 2015

Homes and Hearts

The front door of our house will be opened for us to move in our possessions this coming Tuesday.  Right now the house feels like a corpse….but soon we will give it a heart.

We are ready.  Ready to have rhythms again.  For us, daily rhythms are like blood in a body -- they bring life.  Our daily disciplines include sleep, coffee, scripture, prayer journaling, eating, reading, exercise, parenting, cleaning, playing, working, and ending the day with hospitality or fellowship.  It's these daily sacred tasks which give life to our family and fill our home with heart.

Right now….we have none of these rhythms…and we feel it.
And our kids feel it….they haven't slept well for the last 2 weeks.  

We are looking forward to filling our home with heart, because we know that rhythms are like blood to a body -- it makes it feel alive.

We can't wait to make our home alive for the neighborhood.  

p.s. if you'd like to receive our newsletter we will be posting stories and specific prayer requests that we won't be sharing on FB or through our blog.  Visit and watch us up-close make life-long followers of Jesus by planting a neighborhood focused church in Fresno.

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