Wednesday, November 30, 2016


When life feels uncertain, return to the things you know and the people you trust.  In light of Noah's accident and the trauma that was created for each member of our family....the mountains have been a place we've returned to over and over.  Being together in that environment has always been a way the Lord meets us, restores us, teaches us, and binds us together.

We grew up going to Yosemite National Park, but having moved to Fresno nearly 2 years ago, it has become a monthly destination for us.  We've loved reconnecting with the endless supply of rock climbing, hiking, lakes, walking trails, and "tourist stuff."  

In the above picture, the kids are standing underneath a famous climb named, "Royal Arches".  Maybe one day we will do this with them.  That would truly be an INCREDIBLE dream come true.

On this particular kids (6,4,2 and 1ish) hiked for over 4 hours.  Amazing.  They are truly our trail babies.  

This little guy didn't do much on this particular trip....he basically just hung out in a backpack all day...but at least he was happy!  

He was happy....and so are we.

These are good days. 

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