Saturday, March 23, 2019

Our Need for Contrast

It's becoming spring here in California! You can always tell when the season is changing because 1) It sun starts getting HOT and 2) the blossoms on the trees begin to pop! 

It's a really awesome time of year because there is still snow in the mountains and down in the valley it can be nice t-shirt and shorts weather.

We decided to head to the hills for some snowshoeing. The day started in shorts and ended snow pants. The drive up was beautiful....the Sierra foothills are beautiful this time of year. 

Heidi and I have been taking people to the mountains for nearly 16 years. It started when we were dating...and it has continued for our entire marriage. Taking friends to the mountains so they can experience beautiful places and beautiful ideas as we chat along the trails is a source of joy for us! 

See the contrast between the first picture and this picture of Joel? This is only 1 hour away from our home! 

We need contrast in our lives: city life with mountains and beaches mixed in; Hanging out with kids and date nights without kids; hosting parties and having solitude. Contrast is good. Someone once said, "It is in the contrast of light and dark that design happens." We need contrast....our lives take a fuller shape and they are more enjoyable. Contrast is what makes photography interesting....and the same is true for our lives. 

On the way home, the littles passed out in the back -- snowshoeing is hard work....but they'll be in short and t-shirts asking to go swimming soon enough. 

These are good days.

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