Sunday, April 7, 2019

From Neighborhood to Mountains

Our day started the Jackson Neighborhood as participants in a Serve Day. This was a gathering of neighbors and volunteers to clean alleys and renovate dilapidated lamp poles along Platt Avenue.

We are so thankful our kids enjoy being a part of the good work happening in our neighborhood. Uncle Jameson said at one point, "I was working with your kids...and they are amazing! They work really hard, take instruction, and don't stop until the job is done."  We've seen the same thing -- we are proud of the people they're becoming.

After our Serve Day under a blue sky and cool was time to head to the hills. The season is changing from winter to Spring (which in the valley basically means early summer). But the hills are still green and the wildflowers are in full bloom 

We enjoy going to Tollhouse Rock just outside of Fresno. In an hour or so...we are in multi-pitch granite heaven. On this particular trip, we took our housemate climbing for her first multi-pitch experience! She did amazing! 

It takes about 20 minutes from where we park on Hang Glider Slab to hike down to the base of the climb.

The first pitch of Tollhouse Traverse starts a couple hundred feet off the ground and follows a large left-leaning groove/crack system to the top of Cap Rocks. It's easy and very aesthetic. 

The foothills in the southern Sierras are beautiful this time of year. It feels like a privilege to spend time in these hills. 

Every good day in the mountains needs a summit shot! 

The day started with us serving Jesus in our neighborhood, and the day ended with Him serving us in His creation.

These are good days! 

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