Saturday, June 20, 2020

They Hiked How Far???

Elizabeth (10) Josiah (8) Noah (6) and Joel (4) hiked 13.6 miles and ascended 2800ft of elevation at over 8500ft altitude for 6.5 hours. We are totally amazed. No complaining, no meltdowns, no one got carried....pure adventure and fun. WOW! These kids are truly amazing -- it always amazes us at how resilient our trail babies have grown up to be. 

We went to Pear Lake - a beautiful lake in Sequoia National Park. We did this hike 2 years ago and Noah who was 4 at the time hiked 9 miles on his own before we carried him.

This was the last big hike we did with our housemate Dave. He is leaving for PhD work at St. Andrews. We will miss him dearly! 

These are good days

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