Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st - The Month of Love

Well folks...

We are officially in February. This is the month of love.

It is no secret that is really a subliminal message.

The "and" in is an acronym:
a = amply
n = needs
d = da what I am really saying is: joe amply needs da heidi white

SO. For this entire month of love, I am going to post on luuvy-duuvy topics and topics which are useful for your boy toy, your man magnet and your house hottie. Married people, daters, engageders, and wanna-be wanted fokes are gonna LOVE this month of LOVE here at I am the new Dr. Phil.

And, for my first post...a great movie from the good people at Igniter Media Group.

just Don't...

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