Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Month of Love...Day 3

As you know, for this entire month, I will be blogging about LOVE.

Why? ...Because it is the month of LUV...

I Luv Luv.

Today's tip is adapted from the work of G. Small. In any relationship, communication is an important factor.

Consider the acronym:
L - Listen
U - Understand
V - Validate

When we go to a restruant, this is precisely what happens with our waitor. He listens to our order, repeats it so both he and I are satisfied that I have been properly heard, and he validates our choice by saying something like, "Wonderful, very good choice" or "not a problem".

So, a cheesy outro from Dr. Joe (looking directly into camera with a sense of satisfaction and importance...)

L-U-V somebody you LOVE today

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