Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Kelowna

We are currently in Kelowna.

Good times.

For a couple reasons, making the 4.5 our drive to visit Oma and Opa is an important pilgrimage for us. We wish we could make it more regularly.

When we come to Kelowna, its a chance to visit our grandparents (in their 80's). They are an inspiring couple. Deeply in love with Jesus, they take every chance they can to serve those around them. We are also inspired by their wit, love for their children, and their "go getter" attitude.

We also love coming here because it is a chance for us to truly rest. There is rockclimbing near by (we will do that asap), beaches, and walking trails. We are never bored.

We exercise, eat, talk, pray, read, chill, and decompress.

Although, this trip we will be working (Tuesday and Wednesday) here from Kelowna, it still feels like rest. Most importantly it is a chance to visit with some inspiring people.

Here are a couple pics I took in the car while driving to ward off extreme boredom.

This is Yak Peak. We are driving past it. There is some great 5.8 to 5.10 climbing which follows some crack lines up to the summit. Yak Crack and Reality Check are the names I believe. This is on our to-do list for this summer.

Still in transit. Heidi, operating our Ipod Touch....making the tunes super loud...Audioslave baby...pump it.

4Runner - Taco Bell - Mac - Ipod Touch - Attentive Driver

Good combo for a good road-trip

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