Monday, June 15, 2009

Relationship - Excersise - Bonding

We're sitting here....watching the sun set. It's been a good day.

As many of you know, Heidi has been feeling sick. Bummer. Not fun. No one likes 24 hour nausea. No one likes having to excuse ones self from life 20 times a day to throw up. She is LONGING for the day, she stops being sick.

But, if you know Heidi, Heidi is a force to be reckoned with. She is tenacious, goal oriented, tough, and somehow still manages to be charming and humble. She is, as some have described, the "velvet hammer."

She is on of my inspirations.

Take today for example:

I went on a ride earlier today. A good ride. I had to stand up for over a mile. It was a 6-9% grade in the road...standing up, for me, was necessary....not necessary for the Olympian who passed me, who was sitting and spinning casually. It was as good workout.

After getting home, I did a bit of stretching...Heidi said, "My turn". "Ok. How and where?" She has some options here in Kelowna: rock climbing, running, cycling, or swimming. Its 30 degrees Celsius here, so swimming was the name of the game. I joined her, doing laps for an hour. I got passed a couple of times. She's strong and fast.

After finishing, we dried off and left the rec center. On the way home Heidi said..."Shall we go climbing tomorrow?...Could be fun!" 24 hour nausia and climbing is not a combo I enjoy...but for Heidi, it's taking life in stride.

Why all this excercise, some may ask? Good question. When we excerise, we are being nice to our bodies and nice to our minds. Its a way we decompress our daily anxieties. Its a way we spend time together. Its a way we keep our bodies healthy and strong. I often remind myself, it was the year we did the full marathon that we never got sick, in a year when all of our friends here in Vancouver were sick, as well as every other person on the bus we road each day.

Excercise is one of the ways we enjoy being alive.

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