Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Regent Graduation

Recently, Heidi and I graduated from Regent College. Regent is a theological graduate school. In the fall of 2005 Joe started his studies in hopes of working towards a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree. Soon thereafter, Heidi caught the bug and desired to work towards a Diploma of Christian Studies (DipCS).

To date, our education has been...

B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies with an emphasis in Theology and Ethics (Fresno Pacific)
Diploma in Urban Studies (FIFUL)
Diploma of Christian Studies (Regent College)
Master of Divinity (Regent College)

B.A. in Liberal Studies (CSU, Long Beach)
K-8 Teaching Credential (CSU, Long Beach)
Diploma of Christian Studies (Regent College)

We feel so entirely fortunate to have an education. Our prayer is that God uses our effort to serve him and others.

Here are a couple of photos from our recent graduation....

This is me...gettin' hooded by the prez, Rod Wilson.

MDiv = Completed

This is the guy who received his DipCS right before Heidi...

...and, this is the girl that was after Heidi...


but...there was a consolation for the goof-up on the DipCS pictures. Regent is giving us a free DVD of the entire graduation ceremony as well as a free download of all the speeches and music during the ceremony. Not a bad deal at all, especially since we enjoyed the evening. Plus, Heidi will continue working towards a Masters degree at Regent...so this picture isn't the end of the world.


Vanessa Smith said...

Holy moly, you are a couple of educated cats! So proud of you Joe. You are a good man who is living his life doing good things. I love you brother.

joseph.david.white@gmail.com said...

Thanks for the good word Vanessa!

I am a regular visitor of your blog (I subscribe to it through my reader)

Update often! I can't wait to see that beautiful baby!

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