Monday, June 22, 2009

Sabbath Rest

Today is Monday.

Mondays are what we call our "Sabbath". Sabbath is a word the the Bible uses to describe a day in which a person ceases from their normal work routine. We cease from work, not because there is not enough to do. We cease from work because God knows that when we work 7 days straight we burn out and that work becomes our idol. This is especially the case with me. I LOVE work. I love to get stuff done, accomplish things, and work hard. The problem is, if I don't rest, production becomes my focus. I become a machine. This is not how God made me to be.

God created humans to work 6 days and then rest. In part of what it means to be human. It was God himself who ceased from work to rest on the 7th day. We are made in his image. We are made to be like him.

So today, we rest. Coffee, reading, talking, dreaming, sleeping, climbing, and hanging out with friends....are all on the agenda today. Sounds busy, right? Nope...not for us. This is our sabbath rest.

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