Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rockclimbing - Kelowna Crag

We went rockclimbing today.

Lonely boy crag is about 20 minutes from where we are. Its a nice way to spend a couple hours. Those hours go so fast.

on the way

on route. It's a good route. Pumpy. Not hard. Just Pumpy. It's called "Lonely Boy" (10.d)

Heidi on route.

Time to be done. My fingers are a bit thrashed....my sissy hands are failing me

After lowering, we're pressed for time. We need to get home to Oma and Opa..they are expecting us for dinner. Its time to go.

Walking back to the car, after a nice afternoon adventure.

You know, some people would frown upon me using the word adventure to describe our afternoon. And, in a certain way, I can understand why. I have had many grander feats, taller mountains, unbolted walls, wilderness, far from home. But actually, for me, adventure can be found in big and small things. Adventure is a state of mind.

Today, Heidi and I had adventure.


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