Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rockclimbing - Squamish

Had a really nice time with Dan today.

We did an old classic named Rock On.

My 4th time on this route, probably Dan's 30th. Dan did the second ascent I think. He's got it wired.

I was really tired still on Beijing time. Body feels weird. Anyway, it was REALLY fun none the less!!

Taken out of Dan's sun roof

the top of the crux pitch. Ive done this three times before, led it a couple times...this time = I sat in my harness. I was kinda disapointed...but Heidi reminded me to take it easy on myself because I'm still jet lagged

Good ol' Dan-the-Man

On another note...we are doing well. Heidi is getting sick again...throwing up regularly...I think her body is still on Bejing time...and its not happy. We may try to go climbing tomorrow...depending on how she feels.

Tonight we are going to see Les Miserables.

This is one of our favorite musicals...and the Broadway show is playing in Vancouver.


Matt and Sara said...

aww i wanna go climbing... or... learn? anyway, sorry to hear about heids!! and super jealous about Les mis!!! i wanna take matt to see it someday... LOVE YOU! said...

Then let's go climbing! ahhh yeah. When - Where...U tell us and we're there! What about....if we visit in march or april or something...we plan a little camping/climbing gathering :)


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