Monday, July 13, 2009

Check out our China Slide Show!

Check out our China 2009 Trip Report slide show (beware: it's around 7 minutes long). We (a group of 25 people from Vancouver...19 highschoolers and 6 leaders) spent time in Beijing, Shanghai, and 2 weeks in a village near the Daxing District 1.5 hours outside of Beijing.

You will see pictures of:
  • Visit to Tienanmen Square
  • Visit to the Forbidden City
  • Meals which consisted of 8-10 courses
  • The Maglev train which travels at 430km an hour
  • We worked at an orphanage for visually impaired children
  • We worked at a foster home for children with medical needs (like heart surgeries)
  • We worked with local village people
  • Visit to the Great Wall of China
  • Picking watermelons and peaches on a farm in a rural village
  • Pictures of the last (and only) open market in Beijing
  • Visit to the Summer Palace
  • Shots of a Chinese Factory we worked in for 2 weeks
  • The beautiful architecture, art, and colors of China which tell the stories of China's deep history
  • Our visit to China's 3Self Church. This was a service in mandarin and was translated into English for those that needed it (namely, us)
Of course, there are many more photos...but these are the ones which may help you get a 7 minute feel of our 2.5 week trip. The music stops after 4 minutes (sorry about that, don't know what happened on the upload).


We will share some stories in the week to come.

Right now we are seriously tired. But, its weird. I've been up for 24 hours (mostly) and now do not feel tired. This can't be good. We will try our best to sleep in tomorrow and take it easy.


Jay and Milissa Ewing said...

That looks like an incredible trip! I am looking forward to seeing you guys Friday night. said...

It was a really great trip! I learned a lot. Really looking forward to seeing you guys as bad I need to wait another 29 hours or so :(

...can we just live in the same neighborhood at some point in our lives?

The Whites said...

Loved the pictures. Maybe you loved China so much because you are likely related through Mom to Mateo Ricci, the famous missionary who reached the Chinese -- who honored their culture by adopting their dress and language. On the other hand he loved math, so that casts doubt on the whole link. Glad your group had a great trip. Life-changing for everyone, and of great help to the orphanage. said...

Thanks for the good word! It was really a profound experience for all of us.

Looking forward to ichating soon!

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