Monday, July 13, 2009

We Just got back from China!

Sorry for the delay in posting...

We just got back from 2.5 weeks in China!

It was an awesome trip. We will post pictures soon...but for now...check out the travel blog that we kept:

We are doing well. We are jet lagged tired. Healthy and spiritually nourished. It was an amazing experience.

Looking forward to sharing some stories.

Joe and Heidi


Vanessa Smith said...

Wow! China! Good thing Heidi is out of her first trimester. I didn't even like getting out of bed at that point. I would imagine China would be quite a challenge. Look forward to the tales you have to tell. said...

Thanks for the good word Vanessa!

We check your blog regularly for tips (and updates on how you are doing)!

Joe and Heidi

...China was a challenge, but a great challenge! We are glad to be back.

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