Sunday, August 9, 2009

Laps Laps Laps

I (Joe) hopped on the bike today.

It was a VERY short ride.

Broke a spoke...had to walk my bike home. Suckoth.

Did I call it quits? Should of. Got on another bike and went for a burn.

Tire got messed up...had to walk my bike home. again...suckoth.

Did I call it quits? Should of. Fixed the tire and finished my short ride (20 minutes) on HILLS. Love em'

Tonight, after dinner Heidi's been itching to get out.

Her idea: Go for a 4-5 mile run....interspersing her wide variety of exercises (walking, lunges, and push ups). Her run goes along the beach. Today, I will ride a bike behind her while she runs. We will talk the whole way...good times.

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