Monday, August 31, 2009

A Trip Report: Paddling - Stave Lake

Our goal was to go here:

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Stave Lake. It's beautiful.

The goal for our 4 day trip was to camp for three nights in different coves of the lake. From one end of the lake to the other, it takes about 8 hours of efficient paddling in good weather. So, along with our buddy Steve we packed up the 4runner with a canoe and a kayak. The canoe was going to be loaded with all the gear (what felt like 400 pounds worth). Why so heavy?....we wanted to eat tons, sit on camp chairs, and live luxuriously under the stars.

We arrived at the lake....and began to unload the 4runner...

After loading the canoe and kayak...we made our way to the lake. Apparently there are many people who get their cars broken we said a short prayer, got in the lake, and started paddling.

2 hours of paddling....we took this shot

Calm and good...

1 hour later...we shot this shot of Heidi in the kayak....calm and good....

3 hours later...we would shoot this was the last photo we were going to take for the remainder of the trip...

After shooting the above picture...a STRONG headwind picked up and the waves began to crest...filling our canoe faster than I could bail.

5.5 hours into our trip...2.5 hours of which were HARD paddling...we HAD to stop. We NEEDED a place to sleep. It was now dark...we had lost some gear due to the hard winds and waves hitting the canoe. In the dark we found a ledge along the granite shoreline. It was the ONLY thing available which we could locate in the storm and in the dark. It was 10 feet long and 3 feet wide and about 3 feet above the storm on the water. We tied off the canoe and kayak and we spent the night there...Joe slept sitting-ish, Heidi in the fetal position on a slant and Steve on top of a bunch of gear. It was a LONG and UNCOMFORTABLE night. We each slept 3 hours max.

Morning came...and we decided to press onto our original destination..

3 hours later we arrived at a beautiful campsite which sits under one of the largest granite rock faces in British Columbia, Mount Robbie Reid. It was spectacular.

The next 2 days were adventure filled...full of casual paddling to different camp sites in secluded coves.

I will spare you the rest of our story...because we don't have pictures to report it....our camera was ruined in the storm...(apparently zip lock bags aren't water proof....who would have thought?)

Anyway....all is well....

Good times in the White family...and our car never got broken into!


Cindy Lou Who said...

I am exhausted reading all of this, and do not look forward to the pictures of baby White in a backpack hanging from rocks! Don't do that to this poor old woman!
Love you both and so happy you are enjoying your journey together! said...

Hey Cindy,

Not sure I can promise Baby White wont be hanging from rocks...but I can promise baby white will have a secure harness!

We are doing well, having adventures, workin' hard in ministry and enjoying this new adventure called pregnancy. Its pretty crazy (as you know).

Thanks for droppin by and the good word...


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