Thursday, November 5, 2009

33 weeks pregnant!


To celebrate, we went to the climbing gym this morning....

Why? Cause' its fun! Cause it's good exercise! Cause it's a great way to hang out!

We went with our friend Dan, who we call, "Dan the man"....and had a really good time pulling on plastic and gettin worked (well, me and Dan got worked...Heidi takes it pretty chill(ish)...does a dozen routes and climbs sets of stairs)

Here are some pics:

Heidi...climber girl and mom to be

still crankin overhanging 5.10c with 25 extra pounds


Joy Joy said...

I am so impressed Heidi! Way to go girl! said...

Thanks Joy! I actually surprised myself that I completed it...but the route was all jugs (more like 10a than 10c I think). It feels so good to be exercising still!

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