Monday, February 1, 2010

Running time...

I just love Mondays. Sabbath Rest.

Wake up.

Drink coffee.

Listen to an online sermon.

Eat two pieces of pizza.

Play with Elizabeth.

Go run (40 minutes of "run fatty run")

Watch a climbing video while Elizabeth sleeps and Heidi goes on a run.

Drink more coffee.

Read more of the "Yosemite Supertopo" while simultaneously looking at the "Red Rocks Supertopo" guide book (two places we are going soon: March and July).

Eat dinner.

Go to the climbing gym.

A day to restore the soul: rest, God, family, coffee, exercise, planning adventures, coffee, eating, and climbing.

good times...


Jay and Milissa Ewing said...

We would love to see you guys again soon! Glad to hear that Elizabeth is doing well. said...

Sounds great!!! WHEN???? Are there some coming days...which work for you guys? Let us know!

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