Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Answered Prayer 6 Years in the Making

It all started when I found out in 2004 that my Opa had an aneurism and was going to need surgery...a very risky surgery. He was almost 79 years old at the time, but it didn't make this news any easier. And so I prayed...

Not just, "Lord, make Opa's surgery go well."

Not just, "Lord, let him live."

But I prayed a very selfish, desperate prayer: "Lord, please let Opa live to see my first child."

I didn't tell anyone I prayed this prayer, not even Joe. I thought that if I voiced it, I'd feel absolutely foolish if it didn't get answered. I wasn't even married yet, let alone planning on having kids for a good 5 years. Crazy? Maybe. But sometimes my prayers that I think are "crazy" actually do get answered...

Because 2 months ago, God answered this crazy prayer of mine:

Elizabeth at 3 months, meeting her Great Opa

And now, Elizabeth and I are back again in Kelowna visiting her Great Oma & Opa. We decided to fly this time because WestJet had a seat sale that cost a little more than the price of gas to drive there and back.

Now, Elizabeth is already a seasoned air traveler. She's made 2 trips to California (a total of 8 flights), but hands down, her 9th flight on WestJet has provided the BEST care for parents traveling with children. Upon check-in, Elizabeth was donned with this:

That's right. WestJet knows a VIP when they see one. :)

Then, we got first priority for boarding and when we got to our seat, one of the flight attendants personally walked me through the appropriate baby-holding positions for take-off, landing, and an emergency landing. Never heard about any of this on the other 8 flights we've taken.

I was sad that Joe couldn't travel with us. He had to preach at church this morning and planned to head to the mountains for an overnighter with some buddies. Well, plans changed, and Joe made the 4 hour drive after church to come and be with us until Wednesday morning. We were all super excited when he phoned to say he was on his way! Here's a few picts from today:

Elizabeth at nearly 5 months, with Great Oma

Catchin' up on cuddle time with Daddy

Gettin' her leg work-out

Elizabeth's days have been full of cuddling with her great grandparents, and I even sneaked in a 4.5 mile run today as part of my half-marathon training without bringing Elizabeth (gotta love having grandparents to babysit!). Plans for the next few days include shopping, swimming, climbing, and lots of time spent with Oma & Opa. Stay tuned for pictures!

So here's to praying "crazy" prayers and enjoying every moment when they are about you?



Vanessa Smith said...

LOVE the first picture with Opa! Sweetness!

Alicha said...

Lovin Elizabeth's cute! Glad you guys are having a great time!! said...

Vanessa & Alicha - thanks for this! It's always fun to be with Oma and Opa...they sure know how to lavish us with love and tasty food!

Kathy J said...

What a fun answer to prayer! I think I have secretly wanted the same thing for my future child and my grandparents, but have never actually prayed it. I will now, starting today! Thanks for the inspiration. :o) said...

we'll pray with you Kathy!

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