Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding time to excercise with a baby

Yesterday, someone asked us...."how do you guys get out with Elizabeth?"
Answer: Well, we just take her with us....and let her experience our rhythms through the changing seasons....

We snowshoe/hike with her:

its easy really..just put your baby in the baby carrier and start hiking. Just make sure to bring extra diapers and don't skimp on taking things you would normally use in town.

We run with her:

we love the Chariot. If you are a runner...get one...or something similar. And time your runs for your child's nap like a charm.

We gym climb with her:

again...just make sure you bring all the necessary stuff (extra clothes, diapers, wipes etc.). Also, it helps to time your training for when your child naps....that way you can maximize your time for exercising.

We rock climb with her:

it helps to climb with friends...but even when we don't climb with people...putting her on a soft surface or in a bouncer (yes we carry a bouncer to the crag) works like a charm.

We cycle with her:

well kinda. Elizabeth is not quite old enough to be pulled behind our these days...Joe cycles in the morning super early....while E and Heidi sleeps...then Joe takes E for a car ride while Heidi cycles later in the day.

We camp with her:

just make sure your child is warm at night and is sleeping on something other than the cold ground...and it'll be OK.

We hang out with friends with her:

our friends get it...having kids changes things....and that's why not let things be changed in good company!

OK....we'll stop there....there's more...but that will do.

Here are a few tips for "getting out" with your baby:
1. Take stuff you need with you
2. Getting out the door is a success in itself. Everything on top of that is icing on the cake.
3. Your consistent effort to "get out" is necessary
4. Be on the same page with our spouse about what you want to accomplish when you "get out"
5. It doesn't have to be "hard core"...and "going on a walk" qualifies as "getting out"
6. Try not to make excuses as to why you can't "get out"
7. Be OK with not getting out sometimes... because kids get sick, you are tired, and stuff comes up


Donald said...

ok, so in some pics you're wearing a Dodgers cap and in others a Yankees', what's the deal man? said...

haha. Donald. Here's the story: on September 12, 2001 I bought the Yankees' hat to help with relieve efforts in New York after 9/11.

8 years ago...and before that, I was a Giants fan...but 7 years ago...I met heidi and her dad is a HUGE L.A. fan. Heidi's families enthusiasm for the dodgers won me over, over the last 7 today..I'd probably say im a dodger fan.

and there ya have it!

Matt and Sara said...

GO DODGERS!!!!! and i love this post! getting out with 2 will be another adventure for us this summer! we'll let you know how it goes ;-) said...

we can't wait for you guys to show us how its done! adventure for sure!

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