Monday, May 3, 2010

Training and Random Thought

We are still training to get ready for the climbing season, this summer.

Swimming, cycling, running, gym climbing...trying to get fit. Here's a tip...if you're interested in getting fit (just for general fitness, not sport specific)....Do something different, every day. Doesn't need to be hardcore...but it needs to be at least a little challenging. In the next few weeks, we will start focusing on gym get ready for the June-August Squamish Season and our annual rock climbing road trip...but in the past month or just get our general fitness up to par...we do a variety of different things.

For example, a typical week looks like:
Monday - gym climbing
Tuesday - swimming and running
Wednesday - cycling
Thursday - swimming
Friday - running
Saturday - cycling
Sunday - rest

It makes training more fun and keeps you psyched.

This morning, I made myself I always do, every morning...since taking coffee out of my diet for the past month. I pulled the tea-bag out of the container and tossed it onto the counter. Much to my surprise, it landed standing up! I stood there staring at it...amazed. I tried to throw it again, to see if I could recreate those events...but I couldn't. The tea bag only landed on its side.

my thought: when life tosses me around...i wanna land on my feet.



Donald said...

why'd you kick the coffee? said...

yeah dude. kicked it cause i was hyper addicted (unknowingly)...when I found out I was addicted..i didn't want to be addicted to I took it out of my diet.

Donald said...

yeah, i here ya. me soda and me and coffee, we have pretty intense relationship. i've cut the soda intake way down and mostly drink unleaded coffee. said...

good job man! i love soda...but that's been out for me as well.

ahh...such is life :)

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