Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Adventures of E

Here's a photo update showcasing some of Elizabeth's adventures in the last month. Enjoy!

Adventure #1: SOLIDS

Sweet potatoes (and no, she's not hiding any in her cheeks!)

Butternut squash (she enjoys this the most)

We've now got brown rice cereal, sweet potatoes and butternut squash on the menu. Coming up this month: carrots, barley and peas.

Adventure #2: POTTY TRAINING

Yup, this is what she does (or what we do with her - but not always naked!).

She pooped in the toilet on this occasion, but we thought a photo of it as proof would be a bit overboard. We've decided to skip the infant potty seat (one less step I guess) and get her comfortable sitting on the real deal. She's not always consistent, but any time she does go in the toilet is a big success. And since we use cloth diapers during the day, the fewer poops we have to clean, the better! The newest challenge is keeping her focused -- the toilet paper roll and the plastic garbage liner are the latest distractions she wants to get her hands on.


A gift from Great Oma & Great Opa and one of her favorite things to do during the day.

Elizabeth is constantly making noises while she jumps, and we get a kick out of seeing her make herself laugh. I've tried to catch her being "chatty" and laughing on video countless times, but have yet to capture a video worth posting. It'll get blogged when we've got it.


Her reaction after seeing Ashlyn's picture.

Elizabeth has yet to meet her cousin, Ashlyn (born July 1st) in person, but she seemed to like her over the internet! She'll get to meet her on August 1st when we travel down to California to see family.


Photo quiz: Which piece of gear in this photo wouldn't normally make it on a climber's gear list?

Hanging out at the base of Zoe Wall in Murrin while mommy & daddy work on Jeff & the Giant Reach (5.11c).

Happy to have climbed at all!

Tired and ready to head home.

Checking out the gym climbs she wants to send when she starts walking (because that's when we'll buy her climbing shoes)!

She's getting a lot better at sitting by herself and staying entertained for a bit. But we still have to do "shifts" while bouldering. Still haven't figured out what we'll do when she starts crawling...

Adventure #6: PLAYDATES

We finally got all the 2009 Granville Chapel babies together for a playdate (yup, all girls!).

From L to R: Bronwyn (15 mos), Hannah (17 mos), Sophia (7 mos),
Elizabeth (6 mos) & Calla (14 mos).

Our second playdate this month was with our good friends Liesel & Moses (16 mos). I brought the camera, but like most occasions, forgot to even use it. Here's to capturing our kids together next time, Liesel!

And our final adventure was a playdate this afternoon with friends from mommy's pregnancy group:

Elizabeth & Echo "playing" together.

Elizabeth borrowed Echo's cute headband for a photo opportunity - not too sure how to feel about a foreign object on her head.

Love this.

All pooped out after a fun day with friends.

Here's to more adventures in the coming months, including a three-week road trip!



mackenzie said...

You guys are just the coolest parents ever! I love that picture of E and her new cousin-it made me laugh out loud! Can't wait to meet both of those cute babies soon! Maybe LAWFEST?

Heidi said...

Hey Mackenzie! I sure hope you'll be able to meet Elizabeth soon! She's even more fun in person. :)

Matt and Sara said...

I love E's purple dress!! looks TOO cute and even cuter with that flower! i've got to get one of those for Ashlyn ;-) i think we should start a countdown til we get to see each other and get all the cousins together :-) LOVE you and LOVE all the pics. xoxo

Kelly said...

Those are gorgeous photos of Elizabeth! She is sure in on a lot of adventures already! The photos of the 2009
Granville Chapel babies is great - we have one more to add to the group but I'm afraid he spoils the all girls run! Hopefully Emmet will get to meet some of his year-mates when we come back to Vancouver to visit in August/September!

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