Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back in Vancouver (lots of pics!)

We're all settled in now....getting back into a rhythm. And it's good. We're energized for the life God has called us to steward here in Vancouver, BC. But....that doesn't mean that we plan on forgetting a GREAT time in California. So here are some pics to help us remember. Some albums just have a few photos....but they are select photos intended to remind us of some of the adventures we discovered during our roadtrip.

If you're interested...enjoy! (for some reason...this format in blogger cuts of some of our photos ...oh well. the full photos are in albums on our Picasa page)

Fishing in Ellery Lake

Rockclimbing in Tuolume Meadows

Scrambling up Unicorn Peak, Tuolume Meadows

Camping, hanging out in lakes, and exploring beautiful Tuolume Meadows

Surfing in Morro Bay

Rockclimbing in Morro Bay

Boogie Boarding in San Simeon, CA

Bouldering at Honeycomb Rock (a rock we developed last year)

Hiking up Mount Valencia in San Luis Obispo

Some general pics in San Simeon

Kayaking alone the California coastline

Some general pics in Fresno, CA

These are good days...

Love you all!



jameson baggins said...

Dude! E was goin pretty hard on those rocks. What's her favorite flavor, granite, basalt, or limestone? said...

hah....she likes em all.... unfortunately, for her teeth

Kathy J said...

What a great adventure! I love the pic of the three sets of feet. Good stuff! Glad you made it back safe and refreshed.

Alicha said...

I love all the pics...E is just soooo cute...and has had so many adventures already...babies are the best!

Heidi said...

Kathy - Thanks! We are definitely refreshed...3 weeks is the perfect amount of time to be away to rejuvenate. Hopefully we'll make it to Colorado in a summer to come, and we'll definitely let you know! :)

Alicha - yes, babies are the best! And we love that E enjoys the adventures just as much as we do!

Vanessa Smith said...

And I thought you were active in your "real life"! You really go for it on vacations! I think you hit every active thing on the map. Glad you all had such a broad trip.

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