Monday, September 6, 2010

Climbing: Mount Rexford

It took 15 hours car to car, but alongside my buddies Dave and Eric, we got er done!   After 6,000 feet up and down the 30% grade trail (read: very steep)....there were beautiful views to remember forever.

We headed up to Mount Rexford (info herehere, here, and here for most of the route info you'd need) and ended up doing the west ridge.  In my opinion, it is mostly alpine 4th class with a few short sections of low fifth class interspersed with one definite crux chimney below the summit which is hyper exposed and goes at somewhere around 5.5 on semi-crumbly rock.

If the above means nothing to you....all that means to say....IT'S A FUN CLIMB!

Check out the pics!

These are good days...



Anonymous said...

That looks really nice Joe!
Jay said...

Thanks Jay! Next time you and me!

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