Saturday, October 9, 2010

A few random thingees

Four things.

First, it's thanksgiving weekend....have you thought about GRATITUDE yet?

Second, some days ago...Joe had a really nice morning out rockclimbing with our buddy "Dan the Man." They climbed Birds of Prey (10b) located on the Squaw in Squamish. Check out the picture below taken by the Squamish Rock Guides. Next time we are going to do all three routes you see in the photo: Birds of Prey, The Great Game (10d) and Jungle Warfare (10a) in a day. That would make for a really long and nice day climbing.

Third, want to a video update of Elizabeth? It's 1 minute long and might only be interesting to a certain

Fourth, joe's sick. He's virtually never sick. We figured that in 7 years of being together he's been sick less than 4 times. He's not a very pleasant, shall we say, sick person. lol. Here's to you honey :)


Alicha said...

Love the video of Elizabeth!! Ryan is almost crawling, and its fun to always see 'the next step' through those little cheeks too! said...

Thanks Alicha! Let's see some video of Ryan! post it up!

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