Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Thanksgiving in Canada

Yep...its Thanksgiving where we're from!

Our families are hanging out together...eating turkey, watching football, playing football during half-time, and eating BIG homemade pies

And actually...we miss that!  BUT...I'm finding some things to be thankful for here, in the great white north.


A fresh blanket of snow to wake up to in the morning.  

and a little girl who wants to play with us

a hot wife and a great mother to EJW

the students of Granville Chapel (and yes, their parents too!)

and a lot more....but that's a start :)

These are good days....


jOni lAnE said...

and we are missing you! sending great big turkey hugs your way! love to you!
-j said...

Thanks Joni!

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