Friday, January 14, 2011

Sick in (not of) California

Last wife got a N-A-S-T friggin Y bug

I'll spare you the complete mental image....but here's a partial one:

8 hours of montezuma's revenge combined with vomiting...lovely

We poisoning and are planning to burn down the restaurant we think it came from

But, in the meantime....a poemey thing (by yours truly):

poor little heidi
life is tough with the flu
life must be hard
when all you do is poo

poor little heidi
stuck in the room
you're starting to look
like you belong in an tomb

poor little heidi
all unkept like a hobbit
don't worry honey 
even hobbits have to vomit 

poor little heidi
I hope this poem made you smile
my sick little wife
with a smile full of bile 


Anonymous said...

Poor Little Heidi
Never far from the crapper
Sadly must live with
A really bad Rapper! said...

haha..nice, anonymous! said...

For all those reading the comments....

BTW.....she DID smile and laugh when she read the I'm not totally in the doggy detention room.

Liesel Rios said...

"Ah, Joe," Jeremy said, when I made him stop his gripping movie to read this post.

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