Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A lesson on the beach with Elizabeth

I took Elizabeth to the beach
I smiled wide as she explored the sand, touched the sea shells, threw rocks, and pointed at birds.
I also saw how she became fixated on the other children there
She stared at them
and was transfixed by their mannerisms

she was...studying them

I felt myself growing anxious
My heart said, "look at Jesus, Elizabeth"

I worry for her.  
The checkout lines in the grocery store -- airbrushed girls --self idolatry
Bieber fever -- human commodification 

I felt unsettled 
that sand and seashells
rocks and birds 
don't have as much to say as the magazines and marketing. 

"How could I have brought a little girl into such a difficult world?", I thought.  
My heart replied, "maybe your little girl is exactly what this difficult world needs"


Beth said...

So true - every generation of parents have these 'panic attacks' - it is such a huge responsibility and sometimes that almost seizes one up (for me it was the plethora of advertisements of scantily clad women - "God, how do my boys stand a chance?!!!)
God is in these moments too as you are experiencing. He is pleased by your desires for Elizabeth and He will be your help . . . be not dismayed. You are doing a fabulous job and other are praying and will come alongside you as you both have done and are doing for the youth and parents in your care (like us!!). said...

Thanks Beth! That really means a lot :)

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