Friday, June 17, 2011

Boating in Howe Sound

A great feature about Vancouver is that it sits right on the ocean and its coast is lined with tons of cool islands to explore.  

So we went to Sewell's Marina located in Horseshoe Bay and rented, courtesy of some good friends, a 6 person motor boat

After getting piled into the boat....we had 1 hour to let er we went to a few islands that we hadn't been to.   Passage Island, Bowen Island, and Boyer Island.  The Islands have amazing cabins and bays and were a real pleasure to visit.  

I'll tell ya....being on a big friggin ocean in a little motorboat has gotta be one of the best experiences there is.  SOOO relaxing.  Wind in the face, sun on the good.  

Elizabeth had tons of fun and got in on the action too :)

LOVE that feeling of wind in the face.  Elizabeth loved it too!!  It reminded me of my sailing days through high school.  Ocean breeze in the face = The best 

Thanks to our friends for such a great gift!  This was really special...

These are very good days....

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