Thursday, June 16, 2011

Squamish Skywalker

blitzed to Squamish at 5am for a multi-pitch morning (i.e. lots of climbing)...was back home before my day even started....perfect.  Enjoy the pics (shot entirely on my so sorry about the quality)

We did a new route in Squamish near Shannon Falls called Skywalker.  Skywalker is a beautiful line and a VERY GOOD contribution to the Squamish climbing community.  This is pitch 3 (above)

it overlooks Howe Sound and has a great view of the Squamish Chief

there's even a really fun and easy traverse with LOADS of exposure

the climb ends on an low angle slab with a beautiful view

I took one of my students, DP!  He was new to the multi-pitch world but not new to anything mountain related...he had FUN...which made me really satisfied.   

We even explored a bit and were rewarded with BEAUTIFUL views of Shannon Falls in full summer melt.  We yelled out, "Praise God" as we got misted by the intense water.  So refreshing...

These are good days folks...

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