Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daddy daughter dates make me smile

We went for some silence and solitude this morning in Lynn Canyon.  We took a college student with us....and then all split up, hoping to discover and be discovered by God.  I was able to take Elizabeth....and so I was only mostly silent and never alone....but interestingly enough, I feel like we both met God.  

Richard Foster, in his book Celebration of Discipline writes that "...silence is intimately related to trust."

I need that.  More silence - more trust.

And in another place, he reminds us that, “Like Jesus, we must go away from people so that we can be truly present when we are with them.” 

I need that too.  Being more present to my family and friends.

The trails were empty and the lake stunningly quiet and peaceful.

We spent an hour sitting and listening.
Sometimes Elizabeth would get stir crazy....and so I would walk a little further to calm her.
One day she'll understand who we were there to meet...but for now, she was content to be with me
...and that makes this morning worth it.  

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